International Conference ‘Autism by autistic voices’

Dr Yo Dunn of NAT speaks at the International Conference ‘Autism by autistic voices’, hosted by Associação Portuguesa Voz do Autista, held in Lisbon, Portugal in February 2023.

View the talk on YouTube.

The National Autistic Taskforce Forum: High Quality and Effective – The Future of Autism Care

The NAT Forum 2021 was held virtually on 23rd September 2021 for an invited audience, which included representatives from a range of local authorities, NHS bodies, care inspectorates and care providers from across the UK. The Forum focussed on the NAT publication: An independent guide to quality care for autistic people.

The event included presentations by Dr Ian Ragan and Dr Yo Dunn of NAT, and by guest plenary speaker Dr Sara Ryan. There were also a series of short videos by guest speakers, each introducing and speaking on the recommendations of the NAT guide.

Visit the NAT Forum 2021 page to view each of the presentations, the agenda, full transcripts of the videos and write ups of the workshop discussions held during the event.