National Autism Project – APPGA: Annual consultation 2015

As was mentioned in the Progress Report for July and August, the Chair of the NAP Strategy Board, Elizabeth Vallance, and NAP’s Director, Ian Ragan, attended the Annual Consultation of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) in July. The Advisory Group to the APPGA had identified seven topics for discussion: support for adults (including adult social care, Winterbourne View reforms and adult autism strategy); employment; access (including the built environment and transport); welfare benefits; the criminal justice system; education; and support for children outside of education (this includes social care support for children and families as well as children’s mental health services). The discussion of these topics, along with others that the participants in the meeting had submitted for consideration, is detailed in the recently published Annual Consultation Report: 2015 . Many of these areas are those that we will be including in our future Expert Report.

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